Are you a Multiple Sclerosis patient?

Participate in Optogenerapy project!

We are looking for Multiple Sclerosis patients to provide us with information on their quality of life and health status, and the reasons behind electing the treatment. The survey will serve Optogenerapy’s project consortium to gain insight and knowledge on patients’ needs and assess the potential impact of Optogenerapy therapy in their quality of life.


If you are a MS patient, we invite you to participate in our survey. It consists of a series of questions organised in three parts. In the first part there are some general questions about patient demographics, the second part is aimed at measuring your general health status and the third part includes questions about your quality of life.

In order to complete and send the survey, participants are required to fill in all parts.


Read the Informed Consent before starting the survey, you will be asked to accept it.




About the study

The study is being conducted by the Erasmus School of Health Policy & Management (ESHPM) at Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR), the Netherlands .


Potential risks and inconveniences: There are no physical, legal or economic risks associated with your participation in this study. You do not have to answer questions that you do not wish to answer. Your participation is voluntary and you can stop your participation at any time.


Reimbursement: You will not be compensated for participating in this study.


Voluntary participation: Participation in this study is entirely voluntary and anonimous as we won’t be able to link the results to a respondent. As a participant, you can stop your participation in the study at any time, or refuse the use of your data for the study, without giving reasons. Stopping participation does not have any adverse consequences for you or any compensation already received.


Please note however that once you submit the survey, you may not be able to change and/or request the deletion of your results. The data collected from you will only be used by researchers within the same research field at the Erasmus University. We will never pass on your personal details to any third party or send you spam.


If, during the study, you decide to end your cooperation, the information that you have already provided will be used until the moment that the consent is withdrawn.

What is Optogenerapy project?

Optogenerapy is a European research project financed by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 programme under the H2020-NMBP-09-2016 “Biomaterials for diagnosis and treatment of demyelination disorders of the Central Nervous System” under Grant Agreement number 720694.


Optogenerapy project has the objective to develop and demonstrate a biomedical device implanted subcoutanously to serve as a new Multiple Sclerosis treatment. Optogenerapy treatment, still in an early research phase and not available on the market, aims to dodge secondary effects that current treatments based on daily and weekly injections have in order to improve patient’s quality of life and result in better patients’ adherence to the treatment.


The medical device liberates the active ingredient of the medicine by means of an infrared LED light, which activates the production of therapeutic proteins by genetically modified cells present in the device.


In order to evaluate the cost-effectiveness of the Optogenerapy implant in different European countries, it is important to gather information about the effect of the current treatment on the quality of life and health status of multiple sclerosis patients. The research data will be used in reports and scientific publications.


If you would like to know more about Optogenerapy project and the expected impact visit our About Us page.

Answer our survey!

Please help us develop a better treatment for Multiple Sclerosis providing us with your information on your treatment preferences and insight on the disease.


Your data will be used in an aggregated form for internal purposes and never transferred to third-parties or published publicly.

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If you have any questions regarding our survey, want to know more about the project or you are interested in being updated with the project results please do not hesitate to contact us though the following form: