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Optogenerapy represents an innovative and effective therapeutic delivery with an impact on slowing the disease progression and increasing the Multiple Sclerosis patients’ quality of life.


The novelty lies in the continuous delivery of IFN-ß, overcoming current limitations of short drug half-life in vivo, adverse immune reactions, and pain and irritation at the site of local injection.


A prototype will be validated in relevant animal models using GLP and ISO testing procedures. All prototype manufacturing processes will be in agreement with GMP, PAT, and manufacturability requirements such as upscaling, cost price and technology transferability. Regulatory requirements will also be taken into account for technology selection and design trade-offs.


Use scenario

Optogenerapy’s use scenario is envisaged for a long-term treatment. Once implanted and activated, the implant acts autonomously and the patient would only need to go the doctor for follow-up or implant replacement, as compared to current prescriptions of daily to weekly injections.


Implantation will require an ambulatory surgical procedure, with local anaesthetics. According to the patient evolution and needs, the practitioner will be able to regulate the drug delivery using an external controller module emitting non-hazardous light that penetrates the patient’s skin to the implant.

Photo by: ETHZ
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