Optogenerapy > Impact


Improve drug effectiveness

The novel solution for IFN-β continuous systemic release will improve quality of life of patients with Multiple Sclerosis due to improved drug effectiveness as eliminates the serum levels peaks, the flu-like effects after injection, and liver toxicity in the long term.

Improved compliance with drug taking

The Optogenerapy solution will also improve patients’ treatment adherence as there is no need for daily to weekly self-injections. Patients would only need go to the doctor for follow-up, which helps preventing patients to stop their medications by therapy fatigue and delaying disease progression.


Reduce direct and indirect costs
linked to Multiple Sclerosis

Optogenerapy therapy deployment will save the costs of non-adherence to the healthcare system and to the society, mainly related to labour market productivity losses.


Social awareness of efficient therapies
improving patient compliance

Optogenerapy outputs will contribute to increase the social awareness about more efficient therapies with improved patient compliance thanks to the project’s highly innovative concept and the real interest and capability to persist during the exploitation strategies once the project ends.

On the other hand, the project will help to generate awareness about Multiple Sclerosis and its prevention measures, treatment options and adherence benefits.

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