April 2018

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Optogenerapy Journal Genetics Medicina

Optogenerapy partners published the paper “From Photobiolumination to Optogenerapy, Recent Advances in NIR Light Photomedicine Applications” at the Journal of Molecular and Medicine. The paper, signed by Vanessa Pierroz and Marc Folcher, scientists and lectures from the Department of Biosystems Science and Engineering at ETH Zurich, reviews the use of near-infrared (NIR) light in medical applications and explain how Optogenerapy profits from this kind of...

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Whenever we think of electronics, a PCB (Printed Circuit Board) full of conductive tracks and pads of laminated copper comes to our mind. The possibilities of electronics have been multiplied with printed electronics, a new technology that allows building electronics circuits using conventional printing techniques in a diverse set of materials, and provides extra functionalities to the surfaces and allows thinner, lighter and more adaptable...

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From the invention of the first man-made plastic in 1862, the plastic industry has grown exponentially in materials and techniques making impossible, nowadays, to imagine a modern life without plastics. With a vast expertise in plastic injection moulding processes, Optogenerapy’s partner Eurecat brings to the project its expertise on the manufacture of micro and mini plastic pieces by ultrasounds, a ground-breaking concept for the production...

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Optogenerapy Cluster MAV Catalonia Bio&Health Tech Workshop

Barcelona, 6th April, 2018 – Project partner Eurecat delivered a talk on Optogenerapy concept and expected impacts during the 1st Exploration Workshop organized by Connecting CataloniaBio&Health Tech and Advanced Materials Cluster on April 6th at ACCIO facilities.   During the presentation, titled as “Biomaterials for the development of a bioelectronic device for the treatment of Multiple Sclerosis”, speaker Esther Hurtos focused on explaining the development of a...

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