July 2019

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Optogenerapy Euronanoforum

Optogenerapy partner Eurecat attended the EuroNanoForum 2019 and delivered a presentation on how flexible electronics have been applied for the development of the project’s bio-electronic cell-based implant. The EuroNanoForum took place in Bucharest, Romania on June 12-14.   The presentation, titled as “Flexible electronics for implantable medical devices: the Optogenerapy case and beyond”, was included in the parallel session 2.1 on advanced materials and nanotechnologies for healthcare.    Printed flexible electronics technology...

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Elena Ordozgoiti UNE standardisation in H2020 projects

Standardisation is a voluntary agreement among the interested stakeholders, defining common provisions that facilitate their technical, commercial or managerial activities. Those common provisions conform the content of the standards, developed under the guaranteeing rules of the standardisation organizations.   Elena Ordozgoiti, UNE’s representative in Optogenerapy project, addresses in this interview the main reasons of why standardisation in H2020 projects is a key activity for maximising their impact and...

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