Optogenerapy partner Eurecat presents poster at LOPEC 2018

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Optogenerapy partner Eurecat presents poster at LOPEC 2018

Munich, 14th March, 2018 – Optogenerapy partner Mohammad Mashayekhi from Eurecat has presented the poster “Compact Low-resistance Screen-printed Flexible Antennas for NFC Applications” at LOPEC 2018, the world’s leading event and the most important congress for the printed electronics industry covering all areas of the value chain.


The poster addresses the technology used by Eurecat for the development of the electronics of the Optogenerapy’s solution from the design, fabrication and testing point of view.


Specifically, Eurecat is in charge of transferring the initial printed circuit board conceptualized by Optogenerapy partner ETHZ into flexible electronics, designing the electronic circuit of the implant, which will control the generation of the IFN-ß drug, as well as an electromagnetic antenna, the external controller device to activate the electronics encapsulated in the implant by electromagnetic energy.


To develop the electronics, Optogenerapy partners developed flexible compact low-resistance screen-printed Near Field Communication (NFC) antennas with high quality factor, as well as the footprint and interconnections, on which the components are hybridized. The use of NFC technology enables the exchange of data between two devices and allows smaller Q factor antennas than the ones made by Printed Circuit Board (PCB) technologies.


Optogenerapy poster was presented during the session “Circuit design, simulations and systems” on March 14th during the LOPEC Conference.